Meet Chloe | Mother of Two

Chloe | Mother of Two, Evie and Roscoe
We can’t wait to show our babies the world and let them know the world is there for them to explore! I had wanted to be a mother and so none of these changes felt like a sacrifice. All mothers are different, all human beings are different and so it is only natural that everyone’s parenting styles are different.

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Hi, my name is Chloe Hall and I live in Kent, just outside of London in the UK. I have two kids, Evie (3) and Roscoe (1). I am a part-time elementary teacher and also run a small business, so I have my hands pretty full. Luckily my week is split with two days in school and the rest of the week at home with my kids. My business can be run remotely, so I often use nap time and evenings to get jobs done and that gives me time to be a mum when I am with the kids. I love the fact that I can show my children that as a mother I am also a teacher and a business owner. I hope it will inspire them to chase their dreams and work hard. Motherhood gave me the confidence to start my business from scratch. Having children gave me a new perspective on life and taught me that being kind, loving and positive are the attributes I want my kids to gain from me. I enjoy showing them that positivity and hard work can pay off in terms of starting a business and that being kind to people along the way is a great quality to have.

Prior to moving to Kent, I lived in Houston, Texas for 3 years and had my daughter there! My husband and I moved to Texas in 2013 and it was an amazing adventure for two twenty-somethings. We fell in love with the culture, the diverse city of Houston, the food, the people, the country music…everything! Houston became the city we got engaged in and later welcomed our beautiful daughter Evie in. We returned to the UK to be closer to our large family and it was the right decision for us to have our supportive family network close by with us being such a young family. Having Evie so far away from my family was hard. I wanted my sisters and parents to be a huge part of my children’s lives and for them to grow up together. The decision to return to the UK was the easiest decision for us, although as the children get older we would always consider returning to the US if the opportunities for them were right.

For a small lady I make BIG babies..maybe it’s the Texan water! When Evie was born at 9lbs, she suffered from a mild case of Torticollis affecting her neck and it was due to being squashed in an awkward position in the womb. A weekly physio programme commenced and our wonderful physio at The Texas Children’s Hospital gave us lots of exercises to do at home. One of those exercises was holding Evie across our body whilst using our forearm to gently stretch her neck out as the tightened muscles on one side caused her neck to be shorter. Being able to rock whilst seated and practicing this exercise allowed for natural momentum to aide the stretching. It also meant Evie was relaxed with the gentle rocking motions.

With our second, Roscoe, rocking was and still is part of our nursing journey. I cherish the moments he nurses and feel truly connected as mother and son. Our extended breastfeeding journey will continue until he is ready to wean and I am proud that I am able to continue as long as he still needs me. As he is older now, the rocking motion keeps him calm whilst nursing, because as you can imagine toddlers try to escape at any opportunity even when it is feeding time! The gentle rocking allows him to relax whilst feeding and distracts him enough to stay still (something he rarely does anymore!) Rocking creates a sense of calm. The rythmic motion enables me to zone out of the daily stresses and truly cherish the moments with my babies. 

I had always daydreamed of being a mother. Pushing my pram around the mall and the school were things I had envisioned myself doing since I was a child. I had my list of baby names as a teenager way before any boys were even on my radar! Motherhood was something I longed for and felt ready for long before my husband was ready! Of course my lifestyle changed, no more lazy weekend lie-ins or nights out with the girls but that was my choice. Now, I love going to the beach and on holidays with my family. We can’t wait to show our babies the world and let them know the world is there for them to explore! I had wanted to be a mother and so none of these changes felt like a sacrifice. All mothers are different, all human beings are different and so it is only natural that everyone’s parenting styles are different. I have always favoured the attachment parenting style and choose not to leave my kids for the nights out that I used to have. I know that others may view this as ‘boring’ and perhaps my friends with no kids think I have crossed over to the other side and don’t see me as the Chloe they once knew, but I embrace the changes and who I have become as Evie and Roscoe’s mother. As the children get older I will perhaps feel that having a social life after 5pm will be something I am keen to have again, but for now I am happy in our little bubble.

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