Child+Junior Featured Reviews

“The need for self stimulation doesn’t end at the front door. Children with complex medical and/or neurological needs should be able to “stim” safely and comfortably in whatever space they are in, whether it’s daycare, school, a friend’s house, the hospital, or any other space. A safe, portable rocking device could allow access to public spaces to many children who currently have vestibular needs that are hard to manage outside of the home. This device is a game changer for so many families!” - Christine, In-Home Support Service Attendant & CNA

“I work directly with children from 3-21 with a variety of diagnoses over 17 schools. I have children that are neurologically diverse and most have some degree of sensory issues. Many are observed (and encouraged) to rock resulting in a calming effect. Your product would be amazing for our classrooms, therapy and sensory rooms.” - Amy, School based pediatric physical therapist & buyer of equipment for special education population

“I came across this while once again randomly Googling rocking adaptive equipment for my 10 year old. I bought it immediately. His Junior rocker stays at school, and we've done product demonstrations for both his resource teachers, the speech teacher, and his psychiatrist. Now he uses this instead of having to leave the classroom and use the resource teacher's rocking chair when he's super stimmy. He likes to sit on the floor with it against a wall and thump to his heart's content. He's looking forward to trying it during assembly so his body will be more comfortable while processing all the sound.” - Ruth, Mom

“My 3 year old son has autism and is always seeking sensory input. He will often stim to self-regulate which helps him feel better. A portable rocker is a game changer and could help not only at home, but on the go! It could help make new environments less painful. Waiting is always difficult for my son and I will help him with “squeezes” and inverting his head for stimulation. But the Ready Rocker could help this momma be hands free. Then possibilities are endless!” - Bre, Mom of 1

“My 10 year old son, who was diagnosed with ADHD has a hard time focusing. Self stimulation helps him to do so more easily. Rocking is one way he can do that.” - Alashandra, Mom of 6

“Awesome!!!! I have an autism spectrum disorder/sensory processing disorder toddler in constant motion who’s ruined 3 PBK anywhere chairs rocking in them.I've been eyeing gamer chairs out of desperation.” - Jamie, Mom

“The need for self-soothing is so important in the classrooms today. Children with developmental challenges and disabilities should be given the option to sooth themselves in a classroom setting without disrupting others. A portable rocking device would give students in classrooms the opportunity to self sooth while continuing their work.” - Haley, Mom of 1

“My son is 4 and has severe, nonverbal Autism. Throughout the day, he engages in self stimulating behavior to help manage his surroundings. Bouncing and rocking helps regulate his emotions and fulfills the sensory input he needs.” - Deziree, Mom of 2

“This will be so good for my son. He has Dravet Syndrome. I’m rocking him all the time. Love it!” - Christine, Mom

“My son Julian is now 9 years old and has ADD. Julian struggles with staying focused and on task. At school my son is able to sit in a chair rocker. His teachers have reported that rocking helps him focus and complete his assignments. At home the Ready Rocker would help him stay focused when it’s time for homework.” - Eileen, Mom of 2

“We have used our portable rocker from RockerMama throughout our house. I am a mother of two teenagers who like do their homework sitting on their beds. The portable rocker helps to keep them focused and relaxed, while keeping their posture straight. The rocker is designed exceptional well. It is flexible, yet sturdy and we love the soft grey fabric.” - Suzanne, Mom of 3


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