What Size Am I?

We have carefully calculated two different sizes of the Ready Rocker™ to provide the right amount of resistance and rebound to match your size and body mass. Physics, design, and engineering combine to deliver the best propulsion in almost every situation – allowing you to control your momentum with ease while comfortably rocking for hours.

If you like less force in your rocking, the Ready Rocker™ LITE is for you.  The LITE version works best if you wear petite clothing or if your feet don’t touch the floor in a chair. The Ready Rocker™ LITE is recommended for individuals who are under 5’6”.

We got your back - some of us rock soft and others rock hard! For a gentler rebound, angle the rocker with the bottom away from the surface. For a bouncier rebound, shift the Ready Rocker™ to a more vertical position.