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Parents Kids' Sleep Awards 2023

Most Innovative Baby Products of 2023

As Seen on QVC

Founders Milena & M showcase the Ready Rocker on QVC!

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Ready Rocker Among Best Nursery Gliders of 2022

"WOW, that's really cool - LOVE!" "I know, very cool"

Guests of The Ellen DeGeneres Show's Mother's Day special went ecstatic when they heard they were receiving a Ready Rocker and Nordstrom gift card. View the full clip here.

Ready Rocker Featured in New York Times

Best Glider for Travel

"OH WOW I wish I had that when my baby was a newborn"

The world is constantly evolving and there are more products than ever to make our lives easier, yet it has never been harder to be a parent! The Ready Rocker is designed to make our lives a little bit easier by giving you the freedom to rock anytime, anywhere.

Best Nursery Glider Chairs

"You're blowing my mind"

"They say it takes a village to raise a child but with these innovated brand new products you're going to have all that you need." Check out why the Ready Rocker made the list!

"Does it get better than that?"

"Game changer"

"That's genius"

Ready Rocker Featured in Inc

"Best traveling rocker"

"Get out of the house once and for all with these loyal companions that won't let you down"

"Thank F*cking God" Is All We Can Say After Seeing This Product That Replaces Costly Rocking Chairs

"When it comes time to buying nursery room must haves for a new baby, no matter who you ask or what you read, you'll likely see the same list of items: crib, diaper pail, rocking chair. When it came time for me to assess these items for my own growing family's needs, I had to put my foot down. I couldn't argue the crib (that's where my daughter would go) and I couldn't figure out a workaround for a diaper pail (that's where my daughter's poop would go), but the chair, the bulky, slipcovered monstrosity of swaying furniture? Absolutely not. I would not be sitting in one of those. My logic was clear: I don't sit in one now; why on earth would I want to sit on one once I had a baby?"

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"Really cool!"

RockerMama in Pregnancy & Newborn

"Most unique"

"Turn any standard seat into a rocking chair with this portable rocker that packs the comfort of your nursery wherever you go."


RockerMama Awarded Fresh Find by Babylist

"This ingenious device turns anything—a chair, couch, bed, a park bench—into a rocking chair. Place the Ready Rocker behind you, and you can get your rock on while you feed baby or put them to sleep, whether you’re at home or on the road. It’s available in three sizes and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics."

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RockerMama Awarded "Best In Show" at 2018 Chicago Baby Show

“I love the simplicity and functionality of this product,” one judge says. “As a mom who has spent many hours rocking in one specific chair in one specific room, I am thrilled to see a smart and portable solution that makes it easy to rock baby anywhere and everywhere. I also like the back support it provides.”

RockerMama Awarded "Best In Show" at 2018 LA Baby Show

"Introducing the Ready Rocker from RockerMama is an innovative product that lets you turn any chair, bed, airplane seat and more into a rocking chair to rock baby in on the go. Lightweight and portable, the Ready Rocker features ergonomic design, providing support and comfort for that perfect baby bounce.  Take the strain of your back and make rocking fun and hassle-free."

RockerMama Awarded "Blogger Favorite" at 2018 Chicago Baby Show

The Ready Rocker just launched officially at the Chicago Baby Show and clearly made an impression. It lets your turn any chair, bed, airplane seat, and more into a rocking chair to rock baby in on the go. Just set the Ready Rocker securely against an immovable object where there is sufficient support to safely lean into, then sit with the Ready Rocker between your back and the stationary object, and, finally, shift your weight while pushing back gently until reclined. Then simply allow the Ready Rocker to rebound you forward to your starting position.

RockerMama Receives ABC Kids Expo's Award of Distinction

"The Awards of Distinction recognize the best products from participating brands in each of the following categories: On the Go, Playtime, Parent Helpers, Tech Savvy, Nursery Necessities, Day to Day, Safe & Sound, Icing on the Cake (Decor), 9 Months to Go (Pregnancy, Mom Products)."

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"The possibilities are endless"

"This ingenious rocker is the perfect solution for rocking..."

"Save your back"

"It's my favorite thing"

Inside the Family Business

Lindsay Dahl Reviews the Ready Rocker

"These are the new products we think you should know about."

As Seen on CBS

"I love this"

The Ready Rocker Spotted on Fox

Ready Rocker Mentioned in Scary Mommy

"The [Ready Rocker] is a lightweight, portable rocker that you can take anywhere. It changes any chair, bench or wall into a rocking chair."

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The Ready Rocker Spotted on Las Vegas Now

The Ready Rocker Mentioned on Fox 32 News

Parental Guidance Reviews the Ready Rocker

"The Ready Rocker is sleek, durable, lightweight, and honestly? This product is a real game-changer for families."

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weeSpring Reviews the Ready Rocker

"Thanks to this genius invention, you can set up shop and rock—anytime, anywhere."

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RockerMama Featured in Babylist's Brands We Love

"Make it easy for you to rock your baby for feeding, bed or cuddle time with this portable rocker that was a Babylist Fresh Finds at ABC 2018! You can rock virtually anywhere with it."

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Ready Rocker Among Pregnant Chicken's Best Pregnancy & Baby Products for 2019

"For those times when you’d like to rock your baby while watching t.v. on the couch instead of staring at the damn wall in your baby’s nursery (::cough, not that I would know anything about that. ::cough::)"

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RockerMama on Red Tricycle

"Whether you prescribe to Dr. Harvey Karp's 5 S’s, have pacifiers in every corner of your house, or live in your rocking chair (or, perhaps, all of the above), soothing a baby is hard work. One mom is hoping to make it a bit easier with her new invention: The Ready Rocker, a portable rocker that allows you to rock baby anywhere. Whether you’re short on space or are always on the go, the Ready Rocker turns any surface (think bed, chair, wall) into a rocking chair. It’s lightweight at 7 pounds and is slim enough to fit easily into your car, in the closet or on a shelf."

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Oh Baby! Editor's Picks: December 2018

"Thanks to the new and super portable Ready Rocker, you can now rock your precious little one anywhere, anytime."

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The Ready Rocker Makes Appearance in KTLA 5 News

RockerMama on Swaddles N Bottles

"The [Ready Rocker] turns any chair into a rocking chair. It’s small enough and light weight that it could be placed in a suitcase or even carried onto the plane! My husband and I both tested it out and loved it."

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RockerMama on Pish Posh

"We just bumped into one of the coolest baby gear innovations we've ever seen - meet the [Ready Rocker]. This lightweight u-shaped, padded piece is designed to be your rocker on-the-go... The [Ready Rocker] is the best solution for rocking your baby all around the house - don't just get stuck in thee nursery. It's easy to travel with and even easier to store."

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RockerMama on Thrifty Littles

"The Ready Rocker was one of the most exciting new products at the trade show! It turns any regular chair (or couch, bed, or wall) into a rocking chair! Just position it where it’s most comfortable, and get rockin’. It’s great for being on-the-go, small spaces, or for the grandparents’ house."

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Parents loved the Ready Rocker at the JPMA Chicago Baby Show!

"Rocker. Reinvented! Such a genius innovation! This rocker will be popular in no time! Congratulations!!"

 "This is such a great product and can't wait for one"

"Great testing it out! My sister and I both loved it so much that she wants one and doesn’t even have kids!"

"I would take it EVERYWHERE!"


RockerMama on City Moms Blog

This product is AH-mazing.  If you’ve ever found yourself rocking your baby in a chair that isn’t actually a rocker, then you definitely need the Rocker Mama in your life.  This brilliantly designed product can turn any chair (or essentially any immovable object) into a rocking chair!  Simply place it against the object, sit with the rocker between your back and the object, and shift your weight back until you are comfortably reclined.  Voila!  You can now rock your baby into a peaceful sleep, and you don’t have to be confined to your nursery anymore!

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