How It Works


It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...


with enough room for you to safely position the Ready Rocker between your back and a firm, stable surface. Remove any soft pillows or cushions from behind the rocker if using in a bed or on the sofa.


the dial to adjust the rebound force. For a softer rebound, turn the dial counter-clockwise to a lower rock level. For a stronger rebound, turn the dial clockwise to a higher rock level. Depending on where you rock, you might choose to angle your Ready Rocker differently, as well as adjusting the rock level to find your perfect rock.


your weight into the Ready Rocker, pushing back gently until reclined, then simply allow the rocker to rebound you forward. Repeat and enjoy your Ready Rocker.

Use the Ready Rocker
Virtually Anywhere

We've got your back.

Its ergonomic design takes the pressure off your back and joints while providing comfort and support. The patented alloy frame helps propel you forward to create the perfect rocking motion.

Made for Multitasking.

The average rocking chair isn’t exactly travel-friendly, and lugging a glider around the house is just unrealistic. The Ready Rocker is compact, portable and light. 

Strong Bones, Soft Skin.

From the inside out, the Ready Rocker was built with you in mind. It starts with a remarkably strong, specially treated alloy. Carefully sourced foam and premium fabrics are used to create a protective shell and soft, stylish outer cover.

Get Rockin'!

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