How It Works


It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...


Open the Ready Rocker to your desired rock position by pushing in BOTH side buttons simultaneously. With both buttons pressed, open the Ready Rocker to either Rock Position 1 or 2. The rocker will click into either desired position.

When using the Ready Rocker on furniture with less seating space, we recommend opening the Ready Rocker to Rock Position 1.

When using the ReadyRocker on deep seating,we recommend opening the Ready Rocker to Rock Position 2.

2. SIT

Sit with the Ready Rocker between your back and the stationary surface, making sure that there is enough room to rock comfortably and securely.


Shift your weight into the Ready Rocker, pushing back gently until reclined, then simply allow the rocker to rebound you forward. Repeat and enjoy!

Use the Ready Rocker
Virtually Anywhere

We've got your back.

Designed to take the pressure off your back and joints while providing comfort and support. The precision engineering and patented technology gently rebounds you forward to create the perfect rocking motion.

Made for Multitasking.

The average rocking chair isn’t exactly travel-friendly, and lugging a glider around the house is just unrealistic. The Ready Rocker is compact, portable and light. 

Ready Rocker 3.0 Features

Carefully sourced EVA foam provides comfort. The non-slip base keeps the rocker in place and protects surfaces. The padded prop bar safely grips and guards furniture and walls.

Get Rockin'!

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