weeSpring Reviews the Ready Rocker

"Nothing soothes your baby to sleep quite like the gentle swaying of your glider or rocking chair. But what if it's time for a snooze when you're not in the nursery? Thanks to this genius invention, you can set up shop and rock—anytime, anywhere. The Ready Rocker is a portable rocker that makes it simple to lull your little one to sleep whether you’re sitting on the couch at home, hanging out at the park, traveling, and beyond. At only four pounds, it’s ergonomically designed to help you effortlessly rock by simply setting it against an immovable object that you can safely lean into. Gently push back into the Ready Rocker until you're in a comfortable, reclining position and it'll rebound you forward while you control your momentum. Playing legos with your toddler and the newborn needs a nap? No prob. Visiting grandma? All good (it’ll fit in your carry-on!). And when not in use, it won't take up a ton of space. Store in a closet, under the bed, or the trunk of your car! No matter where the day takes you and your kiddo, the Ready Rocker's got your back."
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