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A message from Milena

Hi there- did you know that a baby is rocked over 1 million times in the course of a year. It’s mind-blowing, right? One of the most primal motherly instincts is to rock our babies. For me, it was not only for the soothing benefit, I also cherished the bonding time with my son.  Despite the exhaustion, the mess and milk-soaked shirts, the moment my son’s head rested on my chest, sound asleep from the gentle swaying motion I was providing, it made me feel like a super mom. I felt even more rewarded as I learned that rocking not only provides comfort and reduces colic, it helps stimulate the vestibular system which controls equilibrium, increases motor development, improves the regulation of breathing, and helps newborns develop the initial sense of love, security, and belonging – truly a miracle in motion™.

Rocking=amazing benefits? Perfect, right? Not so fast. As amazing as Mother Nature is, and with all the gifts she has given us, a body that can rock hours on end with ease is simply not one of them. Let’s face it, it’s hard work! I was especially frustrated counting the hours adding up while staring at the same four walls within our nursery. That’s when I realized it was time to evolve past this “rocker in a room” thing.

Chairs are big and heavy, bouncers are smaller and portable but require the mom and baby to separate. This is not an option when nursing or comforting a cranky kid. It became my passion to solve for this – to rock without limits. It quickly became a family obsession as my husband and I dove into the invention and engineering phase – using our son as the prototype tester. Half of our family believe we had our daughter two years apart to grow our in-house focus group. Of course, the timing was just a coincidence!

After years of research, prototyping, and patent applications, the Ready Rocker™ was born – our third “baby” – but one that we could share with the world. As important as products are to our mission, it’s equally as important to connect with mothers everywhere – to learn their stories, to encourage them and support them. As many differences as there are from country to country, culture to culture – there are some “mom moments” that are universal – and rocking is one of them. As part of our corporate responsibility efforts and to teach our two children the importance of community, we promised to launch pledging a portion of our profits to do good. We are partnering with some of the most remarkable organizations to help women and children all over the world.

Let’s be real- it has never been harder to be a mom- yet there are more products than ever to make our lives easier. We knew we had something special when we created an affordable solution for every woman to have the luxury of rocking anytime, anywhere. Thus, our pain-point became our passion which became our product - the Ready Rocker™. Now that the journey has officially started, we need and want your help with the rest so please connect, call, email, post, and share what you love about the Ready Rocker™ and also what you want to see improved. Your feedback is our motivation.

Founder and Mother


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