A message from Milena

Across all countries, cultures, and communities - the entire world rocks. Beginning with our earliest ancestors, parents depended on this miracle motion’s unrivaled ability to calm babies; but it doesn’t end there. People of all ages can benefit from the soothing movement.

Rocking = amazing benefits? Perfect, right? Not so fast. As amazing as Mother Nature is, and with all the gifts she has given us, a body that can rock hours on end with ease is simply not one of them. Let’s face it, it’s hard work! Chairs are big and heavy, bouncers are smaller and portable but require the parent and baby to separate. For older kids and adults with various reasons to rock, it’s even more challenging for traditional rockers to get the job done. That’s when we realized it was truly time to evolve past this “rocker in a room” thing. Our goal was to create a portable, personal rocker to turn virtually any seating scenario into a rocker – wherever and whenever it’s needed most.

It became our passion to solve for this – to rock without limits. My husband and I dove into the invention and engineering phase – with our son as the prototype tester. Some joked that we had our daughter two years later just to grow our in-house focus group. Of course, the timing was just a coincidence! After years of research, prototyping, and patent applications, the Ready Rocker was born – our third “baby” – but one that we could share with the world. As important as innovative products are to our mission, it’s equally as important to connect with people everywhere – to learn their stories, to encourage them and support them. As many differences as there are from country to country, culture to culture – there are many “human moments” that are universal – and rocking is one of them. As part of our corporate responsibility efforts and to teach our two children the importance of community, we launched pledging a portion of our profits to do good. We are now partnering with some of the most remarkable organizations to help people here in the US and abroad and are looking to do much more in the future.

A personal, parental pain-point became our passion which became our product – the Ready Rocker. Now that the journey has officially started, we need and want your help with the rest – so please connect, call, email, post, and share why you rock, what you love about the Ready Rocker, and also what you want to see improved. Your feedback is our motivation. Let’s learn together and help change the way the world rocks to improve as many lives as possible.

Co-Founder + Mom