Rocking is a form of dynamic seating that can increase focus and improve learning.

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Individuals with ADHD can have trouble remaining still for long periods of time and can be easily distracted due to limited attention spans. This can make it difficult to focus on tasks and learn. The motion from rocking can relieve the urge to move while facilitating concentration and attentiveness, enhancing the ability to learn.

Whether at home, at school, or on the go, the portable Ready Rocker provides a rocking motion that can soothe the desire for movement, allowing the mind to be more engaged leading to better cognitive performance.


What the Experts Are Saying

"Help hyperactive children with ADHD harness that extra energy in creative, productive ways at school and at home instead of trying to make kids sit still... Get a rocking chair — the rhythm can be calming. Place it in a quiet spot where your hyperactive child can sit to read.”

-ADDitude | World’s Most Trusted Resource for Families and Adults Living With ADHD and for the Professionals Who Work With Them

“The study of pre-teens and teenagers with ADHD examined how movement -- its intensity and frequency -- correlated with accuracy on cognitively demanding tasks requiring good attention. It found that participants who moved more intensely exhibited substantially better cognitive performance.”

-University of California | Davis Health System

“It is extremely difficult for students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to focus on a concept for an extended period of time. Especially, if you want them to be still while doing it... Giving these children options of dynamic seating may help with behavior and engagement in content.”

-Heather Erwin | Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky

“The rocking motion soothes the brain and facilitates concentration along with the ability to think logically, which provides overall better cognitive processing. Rocking helps students who are experiencing a brain state of high arousal (hypervigilance) to be able to transition to a much more calm brain state to enhance his/her ability to learn and problem-solve.”

-Lakeside Educational Network | Gerry Vassar | President & CEO

Dynamic seating in the classroom, increases in-seat behavior & word productivity for children with ADHD… For some forms of challenging behavior, the use of dynamic seating appears proactive, serving as a positive behavior support strategy to assist in creating an opportunity for learning.”

-Denise Schilling | PT, PhD, FNAP | Dean & Professor in Department of Physical Therapy | Western University of Health Sciences

“Our students with ADHD typically concentrate on the movement or they concentrate on the lesson. Rocking chairs allow students to scratch the itch to move without even realizing it — and it’s a way that’s not disruptive and can help them concentrate and learn.”

-Salisbury Post | Stacey Carver | 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Your Personal, Portable Rocker

Rock anytime, anywhere with the world’s first patented, portable rocker that instantly converts almost anything (bed, sofa, chair, bench) into a rocker. It's rocking, reinvented.®

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Happy Customers

I am a college student and I have minor ADHD. I am a huge fan of this rocker because it provides great support while also helping me concentrate and work more productively.

-Dyl K.

My son Julian is now 9 years old and has ADHD. Julian struggles with staying focused and on task. At school my son is able to sit in a chair rocker. His teachers have reported that rocking helps him focus and complete his assignments. At home the Ready Rocker would help him stay focused when it’s time for homework.


My 10 year old son, who was diagnosed with ADHD has a hard time focusing. Self stimulation helps him to do so more easily. Rocking is one way he can do that.


I actually got this for my younger sibling as they can't sit still in class whatsoever. It's great for people and kids who can't sit still and have lots of energy because it allows them to keep moving around while also getting the chance to pay attention. I was the same way when I was little and while I wish they had them for me when I was in school, I'm glad they have them now. Would really recommend them to parents with little ones who need to be constantly moving - even when they're sitting down. Thanks!


Provided to my son who uses it when he is studying and doing home work. He constantly is moving and the rocking motion helps him focus.


I am an adult with some sensory processing issues and have always found a rocking motion to be a great way to self-regulate, relieve anxiety and tension in my body which otherwise becomes painful, and clear my mind during the day or prepare for sleep at night. Nothing can ever replace the complete comfort of a rocking chair for me, but I am so grateful to have this rocker that I can bring with me almost anywhere I might need it. I am living in a less than ideal situation right now, and this portable rocker has helped me lower my stress level a lot in just a few days of use.

-Nicole H.