Julie Turner | Mother of One, Luke

Advice I would give to other moms is to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically. Make sure to eat well, sleep enough and fit in time to exercise. Schedule family time in same way you would schedule a business meeting, otherwise things get too blurry.

Caela | Mother of Two, Sawyer and Cruz

Whether I was nursing them, comforting them, cuddling them, or rocking them to sleep, these were the moments I felt most connected to my babies.

Erin | Mother of Three, Eleanor, George and Betty

My hope is that all mothers unite and support each other and lift each other up through the journey of motherhood- it takes a village!

Tiffany | Mother of Three, Collin, Shauna and Liam

There are a lot of moments when you question yourself as a mom, but for me rocking was one of the moments  that I could let out a deep breath and embrace the moment.

Lindsay | Mother of Two, Nolan and Hank

The best advice I would offer to mothers who are trying to find the balance between motherhood and career is to try and find a routine that works for your family and when you are all together put away all the other distractions and focus your time on the kids and make the most of your time together.