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Erin | Mother of Three, Eleanor, George and Betty
My hope is that all mothers unite and support each other and lift each other up through the journey of motherhood- it takes a village!

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Hi, I’m Erin, full-time mama to three kids and the founder of Women for Progress, a non-profit organization. My three kids Eleanor 7, George, 5 and Betty, 3 are my pride and joy and also happen to be part of the inspiration behind Women for Progress. Women for Progress is a network of women whose mission is to raise awareness, educate and connect individuals to activism on a wide range of progressive issues including women’s health, gun violence prevention, environmental protection, human rights and equality for all. Motherhood and protecting my children were a few of the reasons I founded Women for Progress. I want a safe, peaceful and inclusive world for my children to live in.

Women for Progress totally changed our lives. I went from being a stay-at-home mom from 2010-2016 to now working full time on my non-profit and pursuing my Master’s degree (in non-profit leadership and management) full time. It was a huge change in my life but I’m happier than I’ve ever been. It took the kids some getting used to as suddenly I was busy and gone much more than I ever had been before. That said, I think the example I set for them, doing advocacy work, is priceless. They have learned so much from what I do and I can see that it is shaping them as human beings. Seeing my kids succeed, have fun and grow is so rewarding. Watching them become best friends as they grow up is incredibly special.

Full-time stay at home motherhood is not for everyone. As I have experienced both, there are pros and cons to working and being a stay at home mom. Neither is easy and the best advice I can offer is to have patience! My hope is that all mothers unite and support each other and lift each other up through the journey of motherhood- it takes a village!

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